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How to setup Office 365 email on your mobile phone (Faculty/Staff)

Faculty / Staff

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Note: Due to Modern Authentication, CCBC email will not work with the native Android Mail application on mobile devices.  Users are encouraged to use the Outlook mail client, or they can use the Google Mail or Thunderbird Mail app.

iOS Mail Client Option
1. Click on the Settings application.

Settings application button with a red arrow pointing to it

2. Click on Mail.

Setting options showing the mail option to choose

3. Click on Accounts.

Mail options with a red arrow pointing to the Accounts button

3. Choose Add Account and then choose the type Exchange.

A red arrow pointing to the Add Account option under the Accounts section of the Mail screen

Red box around Microsoft Exchange identifying where to click

4. In the email field, type your <username>  In the Description field, you can leave the default or enter CCBC Email.  Click Next.

Shows email and description area to fill out with numbers identifying the steps.

5. Choose the option to Sign-in.  You will be redirected to the Verify login page. DO NOT configure manually.

Prompt asking how to sign in to your exchange account. A red arrow is pointing to the sign-in option

6. Enter your username and password.  Complete the Multi-Factor Authentication steps.

sign in page with a red box surrounding the sign in area of the page

6. Wait for your account to verify.  Choose which features you wish to sync from Office 365 to your iOS device.  Select Save.

Red arrow pointing to the save button to complete the email setup

If you have already setup your email and are not able to access mail, or you received a message that your email account is blocked, please delete your account from your device and re-add it.  You can follow these steps for removing your account from your device.


Outlook Client Option

  1. Download the Microsoft Outlook app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the app and touch the “ADD AN ACCOUNT” button to continue.
  3. Choose the button labelled “Office 365”.
  4. The “Office 365” screen will prompt you to login. Enter <username> in the box labelled “”. Then touch the box labelled “Password”
  5. When you touch the box labeled “Password” the screen will automatically redirect you to Microsoft’s Office 365 portal.
  6. Once the redirection is finished, input your email again in the username box (<username> In the box next to the label “Password:” enter your password. Touch the “Sign-In” button.
  7. You have now successfully logged into your O365 e-mail
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