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CCBC Email Authentication and Access

Microsoft announced an upcoming security update that requires all Office 365 users to make a change on every device and email software that connects with CCBC email.  To improve security and ensure the use of multifactor authentication (MFA), CCBC will be moving to utilize Modern Authentication for Office 365 on Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

Why is this happening?

Modern Authentication and Basic Authentication are terms for connection methods between a client (for example, your laptop or your phone) and the Office 365 servers.

Additionally, Microsoft will be retiring Basic Authentication and has encouraged the full adoption of Modern Authentication. Basic Authentication does not offer optimal security as it allows CCBC users to bypass multifactor authentication, opening your Office 365 mailbox to cyberattacks like credential stuffing, brute force and password spray.

This method may impact the ability for some users to access email using certain mobile devices and desktop clients.  These include:

  • Desktop Outlook Client – Office 2013 or older
  • Apple iOS – iOS 11 or older.  If you are using the iOS mail client, you may need to remove your CCBC account and add it back.  You can follow the steps for removing a mail account to remove your account and then follow the steps to setup mail for iOS.
  • Android – Default Android mail app   **Android users are encouraged to use the Outlook mail client, or they can use the Google Mail or Thunderbird Mail app.**

When logging into your email through the desktop client or mobile device applications, you will be prompted to login through our sign-in portal, utilizing your multi-factor authentication methods.  You should only experience this the first time you connect your CCBC account within these applications and then again at least every 90 days or whenever you change your password.


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