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CCBC’s Online On-Campus program is an option for students to attend online and remote classes while on-campus.  This option is for students that may need a technology equipped space to attend classes or work on homework.  CCBC is filling this need by converting computer labs into semi-private study carrels where students can use college computers, networks and desks in a specially prepared socially distant environment.  These learning pods are available at four CCBC locations on a first-come first serve basis.   

All students using the learning pods must pass the college COVID screening and follow all COVID safety protocols for social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands.  To minimize reuse of equipment, CCBC will provide earbuds with microphones to students.  Student should keep the earbuds and bring them back with them for future use on campus.  Students are welcome to bring their favorite personal USB headset to use with college computers   

Help with retrieving your username and password, along with accessing your CCBC email, can be found in the following links.

Retrieving Username and Password and resetting your password

Reset Password

CCBC Username and Password Information

Accessing CCBC Email

Need to use Respondus for a class?  Need help or informaton about Respondus?  Use the following links to get more information.

NOTE: You do not need to download Respondus if you are working in the Online On-campus designated lab spaces.  This software is already installed.  You can skip the steps referencing the installation of the software.

Downloading/Installing Respondus (For personal devices)

Respondus Instructions for students

Blackboard Support information can be found under the Student Information tab in Blackboard.  You can access that section by clicking on the following link: Blackboard Student Resources

Blackboard Support Browsers

Webcam is blurry – how can I adjust the focus?

Teams Audio/Video Device Settings

Students needing to print something while working in the lab have a couple options:

  1. If the lab has a printer in the space, students should print to the printer with the building and room number listed
  2. If the lab does NOT have a printer within the space, students can print to the StudentPrinter-BlackWhite printer.  This will send it to a queue where it can be released at certain printers across the college.

How Do I Print to a Student Printer?

Student Printing Information 

Computer Lab Information

Each learning pods will have a computer, monitor, and internet access.  Students will be able to use the Microsoft Office application suite.  Several browser versions are available for use with Teams or Zoom.  Learning Pods are separated by sound partitions so students can interact with simulcast and remote instruction. 

Students arriving to use a learning pod should seek out the safety monitor that is staffing the area.  The safety monitor can assist the student with locating an open study carrel, booting up the computer, finding the earbud jack, and starting their class session.  The safety monitors will hand out earbuds to students that didn’t bring their own.  

Monday – Thursday: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Friday: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Classroom and Laboratory Building 
  • CLLB 033 
  • CLLB 036 
  • CLLB 126 
  • CLLB 127 


College Community Center 
  • COMM 101 
Mathematics and Science Hall 
  • MASH 118 
  • MASH 120 


Eustis Center for Health Professions 
  • ECHP 130 
  • ECHP 132 
  • ECHP 134 

Owings Mills 

Owings Mills Center 
  • OMC 606 
  • OMC 510 
  • OMC 521 
  • OMC 525 

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Remote Learning Guidelines for Students

Keep Learning Resources (Blackboard, Teams and Zoom tutorials)

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Note: In case you do not have your CCBC email, please contact Helpdesk at 443.840.4357

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Note: In case you do not have your CCBC email, please contact Helpdesk at 443.840.4357

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