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Verify Portal Password Information

New CCBC login security measures

May 11, 2021: New Password Recovery and Multi-Factor Authentication Requirements

June 8, 2021: New Password Expiration Requirements

Beginning May 11, 2021, when you login to SIMON, you will see a new login screen. Once you enter your current user ID and password, you’ll be asked to:

  1. Create a stronger password if your current password does not meet certain criteria.
  2. Set up a series of security questions.
  3. Provide a personal email and/or phone number to use for future sign-in verification. You can also set up Google Authenticator for this purpose.

These measures mean you’ll need a few extra minutes the first time you login to SIMON on or after May 11.

June 8, 2011: All passwords OLDER than 180 days will expire and users will be locked out of all systems until they create a new password.  In order to reduce issues with accessing tools such as SIMON, Email, Office 365, Banner or Brightspace, it is highly encouraged that all users change their passwords when they set up their new password recovery and MFA options. 

Learn more by going to our Verify Portal information section: Verify Portal Password Information


The new and improved SIMON 2.0 (Self-Service portal) provides simple navigation for students, employees and faculty with the ability to access and update personal information, student registration, financial aid, faculty and advisor services and employee services through the web or on mobile devices.

Learn more by going to our SIMON 2.0 information section:  SIMON 2.0

Teaching with Teams Training

A Teaching with Teams training site is available to help faculty prepare for providing various instruction modalities that include some component of remote instruction.  Information and frequently asked questions around Teams can be found by clicking on the following link:

Teaching with Teams Training

In anticipation of an increased need to support remote work, IT has put together answers to some of the common questions employees have. You can find current information on how CCBC is responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on our website, or by going to the following link: CCBC Coronavirus Operational Response.

Q: Can I use my home computer to work remotely?

A: Yes, however, keep in mind that you are responsible for keeping sensitive work-related information safe and private. That includes keeping information protected from others in your home that may have access to your computer. The same security measures for working with PII and sensitive data on your work computer apply at home as well.

Q: FACULTY: How can I continue to communicate with students and provide alternative instruction?

A: CCBC’s Online Learning has provided guides and information which is posted on the CCBC website. Faculty can access this information by clicking on the following link: Alternative Instruction Guidelines.

Q: Are there security issues that I should know about if I choose to work remotely?

A: As always, best practices regarding cybersecurity should be followed.


Now, more than ever, you should be vigilant about recognizing phishing scams. Phishing scams occur when cybercriminals send emails claiming to be from legitimate organizations with important information. Any time something receives a lot of news coverage (such as a virus outbreak), criminals will use that as an opportunity to prey on your uncertainties. While designed to appear authentic, these emails direct you to links that are controlled by the attacker and are intended to harvest your personal information. To learn more about how to protect yourself from falling victim to one of these attacks, please review the cybersecurity training on SharePoint by clicking the following link: Cybersecurity Training Materials and Resources.


Increased remote work can increase challenges to information security, please be aware of CCBC’s Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy.

Q: Will I be able to access Banner, K Drive and other tools from home?

A: Some on-campus IT resources require the use of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), a tool that provides access to a virtual desktop to campus resources. Please refer to the VDI documentation on SharePoint. You can click on the following link to get to the Remote Tools SharePoint page: Remote Tools Resources.

Q: What collaboration tools are available when in-person meetings aren’t an option?

A: Microsoft Teams is available to all CCBC faculty and staff. Teams resources may be found on SharePoint under the COVID-19 Staff Resources page or by clicking on the following link: Remote Tools Resources.

Q: What’s the best way to save files and share files with my colleagues?

A: Ensure that your files are available from wherever you may work by utilizing Microsoft OneDrive for Business Cloud Storage. Its use, along with the installation and configuration of OneDrive for Business sync, will ensure that your files are protected, as well as available for off-network use. More information on OneDrive for Business may be found on SharePoint under the technical training FAQ’s page or by clicking on the following link: Remote Tools Resources.

Q: How can I check my phone voicemail if I’m away?

A: You can check your phone voicemail from home. Instructions can be found on SharePoint under the Technical Training page or by clicking on the following direct link: Call Pilot Mailbox Messaging Guide.

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